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big ideas

Here's looking at you Geek 1998

How the computer industry saw itself in the press

This captures a time of media change nicely I think. It was when suddenly it was cool to write about computers, and the advertisers rushed to The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian computer sections. That’s where I was writing.

A story about Dana Atchley

A digital story, therefore vulnerable to magnets

Dana said it was the best thing that had been written about him and he linked to it for years. Besides being flattered (after all it was just using his words) I like it too. He died in San Francisco on December 13 2000.


Then there are splices hard and splices soft.

While remaking some old film splices, I was thinking about conjunctions, those joining words and the relation to film.


I don’t look at this page much.  If you have had recurring dreams about falling from a tower, you might want to give this entry a miss as well.
I won’t mind.

The Journal of Albion Moonlight and Kenneth Patchen

I rather prefer short critics to long ones.  I like critics with tan shoes — look nicer, I think. . .

When the things you know go on auto-pilot

Wikipedia credits this to Martin M. Broadwell  who first articulated the model in his “four stages of teaching” in February 1969.


Discontented? Ok, but scrawny

An attack on “some of the hairiest, scrawniest, and most discontented specimens of all time”. Hang on I said, that was me, I wanted to be Beat, did people really think that?

Nothing more than his own biography

A quote from Nietzsche’s Human, All Too Human

Where do I look?

What did I see? What did I look like as they ‘see’ me? Thinking about photography and the photographer’s eye.

The White Goddess - Robert Graves

Call me, if you like, the fox who has lost his brush; I am nobody's servant

You chose your jobs because they promised to provide you with a steady income and leisure to render the Goddess whom you adore valuable part-time service.

I am talking about film as poetry - James Broughton

“I am not talking here about going to the movies. I am talking about making cinema. I am talking about the life of vision. I am talking about cinema as one way of living the life of a poet. I am talking about film as poetry, as philosophy, as metaphysics, as all else it has […]

Against the loss of memory - Umberto Eco

This speech appeared on the Italian delegation to the UN’s website and has been re-quoted from that version a number of times on other sites. It seems to be badly scanned or OCR’d and with no checking of terms, spelling and references. The last minutes were also left un-transcribed which reduces the moments of poetry of a man who would be dead just three years later at 84.  Hopefully it is closer to what Umberto intended.

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