Villa Alba, Kew

Villa Alba was built between 1882 and 1884 and is notable for its painted decorations.

It is being restored as a museum and educational facility for the collection, study and display of interior decorations and decorative finishes.

There’s a trompe l’oeil walled gallery space in the middle of the ground floor with murals painted by a Melbourne artist. There are views of Sydney Harbour on one wall and of Scotland on the other. The owner was a Scot and the murals must have included the things he felt nostalgic about and which represented his new country.

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A story about Dana Atchley

Dana said this was the best thing that had been written about him and linked to it for years so besides being flattered (after all it was just using his words) I liked it too. Dana died in San Francisco  December 13, 2000. Many of the links within this story were still alive for years, now link rot has forced me to the Wayback Machine, holder of all web memories. The Dana’s Next Exit site  ‘died’ in 2014 which surprised me (and immediately made my webservers shudder – are we next?) even though I know that anything you do online is ephemeral. Continue reading “A story about Dana Atchley”

Sunless – Chris Marker

About this story
Remembered History – choose one

  1. I first saw Chris Marker’s Sunless at a Film Festival (The?) in Melbourne, probably when it was fresh released. It was hypnotic, crushing (I remember it feeling heavy) and uplifting. Shown at a session with barely a dozen other film goers who all looked at each other differently when we walked out. I loved it and it influenced me greatly, I’d watched Marker’s black and white La Jetée with the reverence I was told it deserved a few times, but this film was my Super 8 home movies writ large.
  2. I watched Chris Marker’s Sunless years after it was released on a recording I’d made off-air  TV(SBS? Late night ABC?). I watched it a few times, once on a grey afternoon sitting in the dimly lit ‘lounge room’ at Bungendore. I loved it, smiled at the clunky video graphic images, those heartbreaking ethereal blond Icelandic? children (in the still above) and it influenced me greatly, giving me encouragement to keep capturing the atmosphere around things as well as the action of an event. God knows (sorry, god knows) what I’ll do with them.
  3. Probably both.

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