Gabriel García Márquez

“Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it.”  from his auto biography  Living to tell the tale (2002)

Or did he say…

“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.”



If you visit Barcelona you’ll quickly learn about Catalonia. You will be told that they not part of Spain, they are Catalan first, then only Spanish by shared government and that the haven’t forgotten the war.

That’s the Spanish Civil War 1936 to 1939, the socialist/anarchists republic of Catalonia against nationalist/fascists. The subsequent suppression of the Catalans and their language and culture is still a raw wound. The recent vote to declare their independence from Spain is part of that.

The Catalan tradition of the ‘shitting shepherd’ – maybe not a peasant figure, just anyone in the traditional costume, the baretta cap, red sash is a 17-18th Century tradition (according to Wikipedia) but there’s a long going anarchism in hiding it in a Christmas Nativity scene for the delight of the kids.

The tradition of the Tió de Nadal, or ‘shit-log’ is probably closer to primal agricultural basic traditions but it’s just as mischievous as a shitting ‘Papa’ pope in a modern day world.



Growing the Growers

This is a project that I’ve vowed to finish in some fashion that was shot in America and UK for friends Michael Plane and Joyce Wilkie, organic small farmers from Gundaroo in NSW.  Michael died in 2017 and Joyce is tasked with looking after Allsun Farm. Some of the stuff we found is no longer relevant but still interesting. There’s a promo video here that will give you an idea of what the project was intending. Continue reading “Growing the Growers”

Villa Alba, Kew

Villa Alba was built between 1882 and 1884 and is notable for its painted decorations.

It is being restored as a museum and educational facility for the collection, study and display of interior decorations and decorative finishes.

There’s a trompe l’oeil walled gallery space in the middle of the ground floor with murals painted by a Melbourne artist. There are views of Sydney Harbour on one wall and of Scotland on the other. The owner was a Scot and the murals must have included the things he felt nostalgic about and which represented his new country.

Continue reading “Villa Alba, Kew”

A story about Dana Atchley

Dana said this was the best thing that had been written about him and linked to it for years so besides being flattered (after all it was just using his words) I liked it too. Dana died in San Francisco  December 13, 2000. Many of the links within this story were still alive for years, now link rot has forced me to the Wayback Machine, holder of all web memories. The Dana’s Next Exit site  ‘died’ in 2014 which surprised me (and immediately made my webservers shudder – are we next?) even though I know that anything you do online is ephemeral. Continue reading “A story about Dana Atchley”