This is another ‘scrapbook’ page to assemble some of the images, video and audio I have of historian/composer/performer John Shortis and his wife Moya Simpson performer/singer/choirmaster/actress/activist….

I’ll make more sense out of this sometime soon.

Presented in May/June 2013 at the Q Theatre in Queanbeyan, this is the first half of Shortis and Simpson’s dramatised history of Australia’s first 27 Prime Ministers, with a song for each. With Nick Byrne and Kate Hosking, John Shortis and Moya Simpson.
John Shortis – researcher/songwriter, John Romeril – writer/dramaturg, Catherine Langman – director. With the Prime Time choir drawn from the Worldly Goods and Can Belto choirs.
See for more. All material is copyright by John Shortis 2017

They still perform regularly